At Sand Point, we think nature has its place – and that place is in and around our vineyards. We’ve restored the riparian habitat where our ranch meets the Mokelumne River – including the spot that gave Sand Point its name.

Since then, we’ve brought nearby sloughs back into natural balance and surrounded our vineyards with 15-foot-wide swaths of native plants and trees, inviting bugs, birds and animals to make themselves at home. In return, the healthy soil and water nourishes our vines. Wild? Yes… but to us, it’s following in nature’s footsteps.

Today, we are on a mission to restore and conserve our natural habitats to keep them wild for generations to come while providing delicious, certified sustainably-grown wines for everyday enjoyment with family and friends.


Varietal Offerings

Sauvignon Blanc: Bright citrus. Meyer lemon zest. Melon. Refreshing.

Chardonnay: Ripe apple. Vanilla. Fresh pineapple. Creamy texture.

Pinot Noir: Ripe strawberry. Cherry cola. Autumn spice. Smooth.

Merlot: Vibrant raspberry. Bright cherry. Juicy. Soft tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Bright berry. Fresh cherry. Full-bodied.