Goosecross is an estate winery steeped in Napa Valley history. They take their inspiration from the land they farm and the fruit they grow, expressing their passion in the wines they craft. They proudly take their name from the pair of geese that made the estate their home. They admire the lifelong bond that geese form, and the strength, independence and resilience of their character, at peace with their home and the world.

Varietal Offerings

Sauvignon Blanc: Lemon. Tart pink grapefruit. Cumquat. Bright.

Chardonnay: White peach. Nectarines. Meyer lemon. Mineral.



Pinot Noir: Ripe cherry. Raspberry. Overtones of dark mocha. Full bodied.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Blackberry. Red currant. Mocha. Tart tannins.



Goosecross’s journey has grown and evolved through the years, from farmers and grape growers in the 1970’s to winemakers and vintners in the 1980’s. Just recently, a new chapter in the winery’s journey was formed. Coming from a family whose history for crafting fine lagers spans five generations, Christi Coors Ficeli found a place to call home and grow roots in the Napa Valley. It is the heritage and reputation that drew her to Goosecross and she looks forward in remaining true to the spirit of Goosecross, crafting wines that express a sense of place, giving voice to the vineyards and regions in which they were grown.