LCF Wines, LangeTwins’ Collection of Family Wines, is a collection of the finest quality wines from the Lodi Appellation and beyond.
Our sustainable winegrapes are proudly grown, crushed and bottled in one place, by one family, who are committed to winegrape growing and winemaking
practices that respect the family’s agricultural roots and land, for wine lovers who value a genuine connection to people and the authenticity of a real place.


Charles Ivory and J.M. Burt were two of Lodi’s earliest settlers, starting the first store next to the railroad station on Pine and Sacramento Streets in Lodi, California. The Ivory Store brought together a myriad of unique folks who created this special place – homesteaders, farmers and even winemakers. Ivory & Burt Wines celebrate the people of Lodi, and of course, the unmistakable wines made here.


Varietal Offerings

Chardonnay | Zinfandel


Sand Point Family Vineyards is on a mission to restore and conserve our natural habitats to keep them wild for generations to come while providing delicious, certified sustianably-grown wines for everyday enjoyment with family and friends.


Varietal Offerings

Sauvignon Blanc | Chardonnay | Pinot Noir | Merlot | Cabernet Sauvignon